Y3 Outdoor Learning In The Sun

This week Y3 have been learning about Venn diagrams and how to apply the knowledge in the real world. Using similarities and differences alongside basic classification skills, they learned a lot and had fun learning in our school yard, in the sun. We used hula hoops and fact cards and worked on our teamwork. Check out the photos we made that day.

Miss Barber and Miss Jelena TA

Spring Term Classroom Display – Rainforests

In the past few weeks, Y3 have been studying rainforests. The students have learnt about the different layers of rainforests, the importance of rainforests, their climate and the peculiarities of the species living in the rainforests around the world. Also, we have done additional research about the tribal peoples who live in the tropical areas and their customs and way of life. The students found this particularly interesting. As this was quite informative and fun, it inspired us to create our lovely new classroom display. In case you have not had the chance to see it in our classroom, please take a moment to see the pictures of it we have recently taken. Hope you like it. 🙂 Miss Jelena TA

Rainforests Display Spring Term 2017

Our Own Dragons

For several weeks now, Y3 have been reading How To Train Your Dragon. Having been very enthusiastic about the world of dragons, we have decided to make our own dragons and write our own dragon fact cards. These we proudly presented at our weekly assembly at school and we gladly share them with you! Please click on the link to our online photo folder and don’t forget to tell us what you think about our beasts! Miss Jelena TA

Year 3 Sing in Assembly

This week Y3 performed a song in assembly that they have been learning in music lessons. They have worked hard individually and as a group and showed great devotion to this task. They were very nervous to perform in front of the whole school, but despite this they managed to overcome the stage fright and deliver a great performance. We hope you enjoy their song.


Points of View Artwork

k800_dscn0859This term, for art, we have been looking at different points of view. On a basic level Y3 have learned about perspective and how this can create the accurate depiction of objects as seen by the eye. Here is an example of some of the work they have done this term. We hope you like them.


Halloween art and craft

Y3 have been getting excited about Halloween so we made spooky Halloween paintings. They had to use several different skills to create their paintings. They used colour wash for the background then they needed to sketch in their tree and the spooky cat. They then needed to carefully paint in their sketch with black paint, they found this tricky. I hope you agree, their painting are amazing! They also made some pumpkin lanterns with Miss Jelena. They found the cutting skills required to make this lantern quite tricky! They persevered and made some cool lanterns for Halloween. Trick or Treat?!

k800_dscn0857 k800_dscn0862 k800_dscn0861

First Week in Y3

During the first week in Y3, we have been getting to know each other, especially the new pupils in our class. We did this through various activities such as creating our flags, giving our individual presentations and making self portraits for our ‘Colours Of Me Activity’.
As a class we discussed both the school rules and the classroom rules and expectations.
This year we will monitor behaviour, effort and achievement through class dojos. This will help us to create a positive and nurturing classroom environment where teamwork, effort and positive work ethics with be rewarded.
We are looking forward to a great first term together.
Please log in regularly as there will be regular updates and photos of the hard work going on in Y3.

Miss Barber and Miss Jelena